Town of Nunn History

In 1870, Union Pacific developed the rail line, the Denver Pacific that ran through central Colorado from

Cheyenne to Denver. Although no grants came from the Federal government to finance its development, Congress provided a generous land grant to encourage investment. Denver Pacific further encouraged settlement by offering incentives to buy land in the area around what is today the Town of Nunn. Tom Nunn, one of the area’s early settlers, allegedly flagged down a passenger train locomotive that was moving toward a burning railroad bridge. Tom Nunn helped save the train from potential disaster and Denver Pacific allotted a square mile of land for settlement in appreciation of his deed and named the community after him. The Nunn Depot was built in 1908 following Nunn’s official incorporation that year. The Town also adopted the slogan “Watch Nunn Grow.”
Nunn continued to develop but was hit hard by the Great Depression. The Civil Works Administration (a New Deal program) financed the development of Municipal Hall in 1933. However, the program was discontinued before the building could be completed. Citizens came together and raised money by staging benefits, dances, and other events to complete Municipal Hall which housed the police station, fire department and Town Clerk.
The building was used for numerous community activities over the following decades and today has transitioned
into the Northern Drylanders Museum. Historically, the Nunn community has addressed and overcome many fiscal, economic and environmental challenges through collaboration and dedication. Today is no different and the community must continue its strong history of civic engagement and activism to overcome challenges and ensure that Nunn remains a great
place to live and raise a family.

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For information leading to the arrest and conviction, of the person(s) responsible for the black spray paint graffiti on the buildings and silos around 4th. Street and U.S. 85. It occurred on or around Friday the 19th. Or Saturday the 20th. Of September.

Call 970-897-2561 or see the Chief of Police at 185 Lincoln Ave.

Your Identity will remain unknown.

Link for Weld Recovers
Weld Recovers is the long-term, community recovery committee working to address the ongoing needs of flood victims throughout the county. The mission of Weld Recovers is to foster the long term, unmet, flood recovery needs within the Weld County community by providing the help, healing, and hope necessary to rebuild our community to a new level of safety and stability following the September 2013 floods. Weld Recovers is working collaboratively with volunteers from local businesses, faith-based organization and non-profits to expedite the recovery efforts in Weld County. 

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